InteliSENS® CG Series Capacitance Gauge

InteliSENS® CG1025 Capacitance Gauge System
InteliSENS® CG1025 Capacitance Gauge Head
InteliSENS® CAP interface box - signal processing and interface unit
InteliSENS® CAP interface box - connector panel view



  • For insulation capacitance measurement during the manufacture of telecommunications and RF coaxial cables.
  • Capacitance gauge heads are available to accommodate different cable diameters.
  • Designed to be immersed in the post-extrusion water cooling trough or injected with high-pressure water (ceramic lined end-caps are available for sealing smaller diameter cables).
  • High accuracy, drift-free capacitance measurement from low to high line speeds with zero correction function.
  • Unaffected by water temperature, and compensates for water resistivity and pH.
  • Rapid installation and maintenance free.
  • Range of interfaces available for connection to PLCs and computers.
  • Integrates seamlessly via CANbus with a Proton Products NEXiS® CS2G-CAP Controller for capacitance driven control of the insulation extrusion process.

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InteliSENS® CG Series Capacitance Gauge


CG-Series-ImagesProton Products InteliSENS® CG series capacitance gauges are designed for the continuous measurement of cable insulation capacitance on insulation extrusion lines, enabling manufacturers to control the capacitive characteristics of their cable insulation.

Capacitance gauge heads are available to accommodate different cable diameters and are designed to be immersed in the post-extrusion water cooling trough. For applications which do not use a water trough, high-pressure water may be injected into the capacitance gauge head to jacket the cable in water; ceramic lined end-caps are available for sealing smaller diameter cables.

The rugged, compact and durable design, multiple communications options and easy integration with other systems make the InteliSENS® CG Series an excellent and economical choice.

The cable runs through the InteliSENS® CG capacitance gauge head which is connected to the InteliSENS® CAP interface box signal processing unit which analyses the capacitance measurement using an advanced auto balancing bridge system, with sophisticated FPGA processing to ensure drift-free capacitance measurement.

The InteliSENS® CG Series gauge head is supplied with an IP65 rated InteliSENS® signal processing unit (CAP interface box) and a 1.5m long industrial interconnection cable. On PLC or computer controlled productions lines, the CAP interface box can communicate directly via RS232. Optional PROFIBUS or Ethernet/IP communications interfaces may also be specified at time of order placement.

An optional NEXiS® CS2G-CAP stand-alone interface display and PI feedback control unit is available as an accessory for the CG series capacitance gauges. The NEXiS® CS2G-CAP interfaces via CANbus to any InteliSENS® CG system CAP interface box to drive insulation extruders or capstan drives to control insulation capacitance. The NEXiS® CS2G-CAP also provides a pair of analogue voltage outputs representing capacitance and capacitance error and 3 relay outputs for signaling out of tolerance capacitance.

Click here for further information on the NEXiS® CS2G-CAP.


Maximum cable diameter102560mm
Gauge head bore diameter15.130.175mm
Overall gauge head length4106301080mm
Active electrode length155140140mm
Gauge head to CAP interface box cable length1.5m
CAP interface box weight2.5kg
Power supply voltage112425VDC
Power consumption12W
Operating temperature545°C
Gauge head environmental protectionIP67-
CAP interface box environmental protectionIP65-
Standard communications interfacesCANbusRS-232
Optional communications interfaces (to be specified at time of ordering)PROFIBUSEthernet/IP